When Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Parties With Saif Ali Khan’s Son:


Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan might have earned a name for themselves with their long acting career and hard work, but it looks like their sons do not need to work in films to become famous. We have seen SRK and Saif post selfies with their friends and cast members, but hardly have we seen them sharing much on social networking site about their private and personal lives. Their sons have however changed the trend; they have decided to be normal teenagers who like to flaunt everything they do on their social site page.


The star kids Aryan Khan and Ibrahim Khan were recently seen partying hard with two girls, among which one girl is supposed to be Javed Jaffery’s daughter Alaavia Jaffery. The background of the picture is not very clear, the room looks red and dark, must be a cool place to party, after all the star kids have chosen this place to hang out. Saif and SRK have not worked together after Kal Ho Na Ho, but looks like these two star kids will soon make a debut together.

The Phantom actor Saif who is known to be a dad with strict principles, is not very impressed with Ibrahim Khan making himself too visible on all the social platforms. While interacting with a leading daily, the actor confessed the same saying that he came to know about the all the happenings while he was having dinner with his son Ibrahim.

The actor further added that he tried to make Ibrahim understand that people are interested in his life because of his family and who his parents are and relying to the same, Saif has advised Ibrahim to be careful about what he posts. The brilliant actor Saif also said that Ibrahim now understands that he needs to be a bit reserved and should be seen only if it’s something necessary and particular. Well, looks like Ibrahim Khan has a rebellious streak when it comes to social media!


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