WhatsApp 2.12.250 update with more features: With Mark as Unread, Custom notifications and new emojis


WhatsApp has released a major update for Android that brings new exciting features. WhatsApp has introduced the new 2.12.250 version to its app as well. The update is now available in Google Play Store.


In this version you should be able to get the skin tone emojis that were only present in the WhatsApp for iOS.Also present in the Play Store version is the middle finger gesture ‘reversed hand with middle finger extended (U+1F595)’. But the middle finger emoji was hidden in the beta release and you needed to paste it in a conversation to send it.


users now have the option to mute notifications for individual chats too. WhatsApp also brings in the ability to mark chats as read or unread by simply long-pressing the particular chat.Additionally new Custom Notifications for individual contacts or groups.This update include users can now select custom options for tones, vibration length, popup notification, notification light and call notification tone as well.

Download link: WhatsApp for Android 2.12.250

Check below the features for WhatsApp 2.12.250 update

  • Per chat custom notification settings and mute.
  • Ability to add new emoji.
  • Users can now mark chats as unread or read.
  • On receiving a contact card, you will now be allowed to instantly message or save the contact.
  • There is now launguage support available for Urdu and Bengali.
  • Can reduce the data usage to make voice calls over WhatsApp by going to Settings -> Chats and Calls.


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