Baahubali's Waterfall Scene was Shot For More Than 100 Days??


Baahubali: This waterfall scene from the upcoming multi language film was shot for more than 100 days. To be appropriate, it was shot for exactly 109 days.The total time that took to shoot this particular sequence was almost equal to one-third of the total shooting time of the film. This was because it was one of the most important sequences of the film. The waterfall is almost a character in the film. It is pivotal to the fate of the lead actor’s life in the film.

baahubali scene planing

You will see clear look at the image and Prabhas jumping near a waterfall to reach Tamannah.It looks like our guess was right. This scene is treated as one of the most important scenes in the movie. Rajamouli said “The waterfall scene in Baahubali took 109 days and it plays a pivotal role in the script.” No wonder why we got a glimpse of that in the trailer.

baahubali water fall seene

Watch : Baahubali Theatrical Trailer

Baahubali has already set many records even before the film is released. The only movie in Tollywood with budget of about 200 crores. Karan Johar is going to present this movie in Bollywood. Even Amitabh Bachchan misses to be a part of this movie.The film is going to be released in Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil and many more languages. Rajamouli made sure that each and every one could get to see his much awaited in all languages. There are many stars too who are eagerly waiting for this movie to hit the theaters as early as possible.

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Baahubali is the first ever Indian film that transcends regional boundaries and has a pan-India appeal. Presented by Karan Johar, Baahubali is set to release on July 10.


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